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list of cheeses

list of cheeses


Cheese, dairy product, takes its name from the Latin "Formaticum" with reference to wicker baskets in which it was left to age or ripen and then maybe to get old. Unfortunately, globalization and power of multinational food companies are now standardizing tastes and flavors through specific techniques of industrial pasteurization, to the detriment of small handcraft producers of the territory. Tradition and value of these cheeses is due to the particular transformation technique left steady over the time and which foreshadows an essential quality requirement which is the use of fresh milk not pasteurized (which is why raw milk!) As well as special conditions of ageing. Pasteurization removes the scent of graze which each milk "enhances" within itself. The raw milk cheese fermenting will evolve through the action of the original bacterial flora, the one which animals collect from the territory and transfer to milk original scents and fragrances. Bacterial flora which together with the production techniques make these products unique and unmatched. Our cheese menù is the result of knowledge and research on all the Italian territory, from the Alps to the Sicily sea area, and will change constantly naturally adapting itself from season to season.

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list of cheeses
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